Grants Pass Family YMCA Update 3/14/2020

Written by Woody Chambers on March 14, 2020

The Grants Pass Family YMCA will continue to open its doors to the community. The Y will need to make precautions to help keep our community safe and healthy. Yesterday a group of CEO’s from YMCA’s around the state met to discuss future strategic planning and direction for the Y’s in Oregon. There was also a meeting held with the Board of Director and the CEO of the Grants Pass Family YMCA making the proper decisions and precautions moving our Y forward during this time.

Here is what the outcome is:

The Y will not be doing the following programs from March 16th – March 31st.

– No group exercise classes will be held

– No water classes will be held

– No after school programs

– No child watch

– No Spring Break class

– No senior trips

We will have the following programs and areas open.

– Personal training

– Swim lessons

– Pool

– Gym

– Weight room

– Cardio room

At this time if you are not feeling well, running a fever and have a cough you will be turned away from the Y. We ask that you please stay away for a minimum of 72 hours after not having symptoms to keep everyone safe.

Please understand that this is a tough decision for the YMCA and that we want to make sure we are taking all measures seriously. The YMCA is a non-profit organization and will feel the hardship!

We are asking that current members continue their membership and using refunds as credits for programs. The YMCA is not immune from what is happening in our community. If members cancel and leave the Y for a certain time the YMCA will not survive and will no longer be here to support our community once we are past these trying times. More than 12,000 people utilize the YMCA each year serving more than 3,000 seniors and 2,800 kids in our community with the remainder being single adults and families. Your membership during this time can be used as a tax-deductible donation as the YMCA is a non profit 501c3 organization. The YMCA does not receive funding from the state or government, nor does the YMCA receive grants for funding to run operations and make payroll.

The YMCA will make the necessary cuts to staffing while keeping in mind that we must also maintain the Y and keep our doors open at this time.

If you are looking at ways to help and support the Y so we can continue to serve our mission, please donate at this time. You can donate in person at the Y or by clicking the link below.

Donate Now

Thank you for your support and understanding. We are stronger together!

The Y: For Youth Development, Healthy Living and Social Responsibility

Please also see the attached letter.

Dear Community Member