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Our Board

Chuck Rund – Retired, Charlton Research Company
Chuck Rund



Spencer Countiss – Grants Pass Clinic Physician
Spencer Countiss

Deena Manning – Marketing Director, Northwestern Design
Denna Manning

Tom Regan – Retired, Real Estate
Tom Regan

Charles La Tourrette – Retired, Probation Officer
Charles La Tourrette

Brad Converse – Owner, Bradley Putters Co.
Brad Converse

Tom Corso – Retired, Truck & Auto


Kendra Lellis – Vice President of TMB Racing – Grants Pass Downs/ Director of Love Abounds Foundation
Kendra Lellis

Roxanne Robinson – Lead Health & Wellness Coordinator AllCare Health
Roxanne Robinson

Lany Sullivan – Events, Operations & Project Management Consultant
Lany Sullivan