SECURITY: The Grants Pass Family YMCA hereby advises its members, guests and participants that we review sex offender lists, reserve the right to do background checks and reserve the right to cancel any privileges based upon said background checks and/or sex offender list reviews. The Y also reserves the right to terminate privileges of any guest at any time for reasons including, but not limited to: taking actions contrary to the Y’s Mission, disrupting the Y’s operations (ie not following facility/program rules and/or policies), clothing, logo’s or body markings that could interfere with your safety or could be considered inappropriate for a “family” facility, taking drugs or alcohol, criminal activity, etc. I/we hereby authorize the Y to use snap shots and/or videos of myself or and/or my children in its own publications. These snapshots include but are not limited to the photos taken for security, classes, programs, special events and/or trips, etc.

CHILD SAFETY: The Grants Pass Family YMCA exercises some general supervision over the facility and conduct of patrons. However, please be advised children 12 and under may not be in the building without a parent or guardian before 12pm unless they are registered in a supervised program. Children under the age of 6 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian or must be registered in a supervised program at all times. Unattended children will be instructed to wait in the lobby or be placed in a childwatch room at the parent/guardian expense. It is the responsibility of each parents/guardian to ensure their child(ren) behave in a safe, respectful and responsible manner. In addition, all children entering the Y for any reason must be checked in.

INDEMNITY/WAIVER & AUTHORIZATION FOR TREATMENT: In consideration of the right to participate in Grants Pass Family YMCA programs and activities for any purpose, including but not limited to observation or use of facilities or equipment, or participation in any off site program affiliated with the Y, also including but not limited to the climbing wall and horseback riding hereby acknowledge there are not warranties applicable to the equipment provided by the Y. Any equipment I receive, rent or borrow from the Y I use voluntarily and at my own risk. In addition, I voluntarily desire to participate in such activities being fully aware of the dangers and voluntarily assume all risk of loss, damage, injury, bodily harm or death. I further agree to the following: I agree to save and hold harmless the Grants Pass Family YMCA, it’s officers, agents, representatives, executors, and all others of any and all claims for damages to person or property including but not limited to losses, claims, costs, expenses, judgments, or injuries suffered by me or my minor child as a result of said participation. I also hereby agree to assume those risks on my behalf of myself and on behalf of my minor child(ren) and to hold harmless the Grants Pass Family YMCA.. In addition, I hereby authorize the Grants Pass Family YMCA to secure required medical attention for myself or my minor child(ren) at my expense in the event of sickness or accident.

FINANCIAL: All automatic drafts, whether paying by credit/debit card or bank withdrawal, are done on the 1st or the 16th of the month depending upon your join date and will remain in effect until the Grants Pass Family YMCA receives written notification of membership/program termination or change. In addition, fixed scholarships will also remain in effect until written membership cancellation instructions are received at the Member Services desk. All rate increases will automatically adjust according to the rate set by the Board of Directors. Enrollment fees are non-refundable or transferable and will be charged again if your membership lapses for any reason. Any changes to a membership must be made by the 10th of the month if the draft is drawn on the 16th. Changes to the draft which draws on the 1st of the month must be made by the 25th of the prior month. I understand if my payment is declined for any reason, I shall be responsible for the $10.00 service fee. I authorized the Grants Pass Family YMCA to re-run my payment including any bank fees if my automatic payment is declined. No full or partial refunds will be issued for not making changes by the cutoff time or for non-use. Towel and/or Locker rentals must be paid in the same manner the membership is paid, No exceptions will be made to the Financial Policy.

HOLD: The Grants Pass Family YMCA will be happy to “Hold” your entire membership for a $5.00 fee per month. The membership must be placed on “Hold” for a minimum of 1 month and must have a minimum of 1 month remaining on the membership.

CANCELING MEMBERSHIP: Cancellations are accepted in writing only. This membership may be cancelled at any time after 3 months with the proper notification. Cancellation of the membership must be done by the 10th of the month if the draft is drawn on the 16th or by the 25th of the month prior if the draft drawn on the 1st. No full or partial refunds will be issued for non-use.

I have read, understand and agree to the above policies