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2020 Strong Kids Campaign

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Donations to our annual Strong Kids Campaign help us pay for memberships for low-income children and families. This campaign also raises money to pay for youth programs. Even though we charge a fee, most of our youth programs do not generate enough money to pay for themselves. These contributions allow us to continue serving children and families with values-based programs. This year we will give out more than $200,000 worth of services to low-income children and families, community organizations, schools and churches, thanks to the donations we received for our Strong Kids Campaign. Donations this past year have helped us:

You may send a check to us at:

Grants Pass YMCA
1000 Redwood Avenue
Grants Pass, OR 97527

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Wilbur Christiani Endowment Fund:

We also need donations for our Wilbur Christiani Endowment Fund to help us sustain our programs and services for future generations. This Endowment Fund was named in memory of Wilbur Christiani, a long time YMCA employee and ambassador. Gifts to our Endowment Fund remain in the principal forever. The interest generated from this fund goes to support youth programs. In effect, a gift to the Endowment Fund gives and gives forever.

Many people choose to leave the YMCA in their will. Leaving part of an estate to the YMCA, or naming the YMCA as beneficiary of an insurance policy can be a great way to leave a gift to the Wilbur Christiani Endowment Fund.

Your donations are greatly appreciated! To contribute to either fund, please call or email Matt Lund, our CEO, at (541) 474-0001 or