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About Us

Founded in 1983, the Grants Pass Family YMCA provides a variety of health, fitness, recreational, and educational services to help build a healthy community and to help individuals strengthen their lives. Our services are designed to help individuals grow to become more caring, honest, respectful and responsible. YMCA services are available to all people: young and old, rich and poor, male and female, people of all or no religious background, people from all racial and ethnic backgrounds, as well as people of all abilities.

Our main facility contains 58,682 square feet of space, and houses a large swimming pool, large gymnasium, two exercise class rooms, cardio room, large weight room, two locker rooms, a youth/game room, two drop-in child care rooms, a 30 ft. climbing wall and a conference room.

We offer a wide variety of exercise and fitness classes, both on land and in the water. Other programs include swim lessons, adult volleyball, drop-in basketball, adult soccer leagues, youth swim team, martial arts, nutrition, after-school childcare, youth day camps, youth sports, and rock climbing.

We serve approximately 13,000 YMCA members each year, and have another 14,000 non-members participate in our programs and services. We even gave out $136,000 worth of YMCA services to low-income children, community groups, schools and churches.